Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Street Food Festival

Hi healthy eaters!
Today we’re not gonna talk about food and recepies… alright, we will but not about our stuff this time. So you might be curious, by the title of this post, what actually is this Street Food Festival. There’s not simplest explanation than the one we’re about to tell you in a second. Basically, such festival is a brilliant chance for upcoming restaurants to promote themselves and encourage people to ‘come over their place’. Obviously, it’s not only directed to those new pubs and ‘food-producers’, everyone can actually apply to get their space on the plot during this one particular day when it starts. We’re not going to lie, it was just awesome – the food, the people, the atmosphere! There were so many food trucks with eye-catching menu, tons of spots with other food and restaurants as well. They served from healthy burgers, dumplings with veggies or meat through sushi, cakes and pretty sweets to fresh juices and other drinks that just looked so goooood. No words to describe, just try to imagine that! We wanted to try as much as possible, but you know…. there were too many food sellers than we had expected. Additionally, thousands of people came and it was pretty tough to move in such crowd, but don’t worry – we managed to get through them! What is more, it was a great chance for us as well to see and taste what others serve and get inspire as well. And it all took place in our home city – Łódź! So if you like such events and want to explore the city, come visit us during the next Street Food Festival!

Wholesome cooking!

▲ Wheel meal foodtruck with mexican food. In their menu you can even find fried Mars.

▲ We've tried delicious Jambalaya, which was similar to spanish paella.

▲ Absolutely delicious, the best vegan burgers (and the best burger whatsover) we have ever eaten! Cutlets made from millet, veggies and herbs with tomato, lettuce, red onion, rocket and amazing sause from dill and lime.

Gastromachina is a foodtruck where we've bought Vegan Burger. We love it!

▲ It is hard to describe what it really is, but it tastes a bit like fried dumpling with vegetable filling. Really good and tasty!

This is how Street Food Festival looked like. We can not wait for another edition!
Stay tuned!

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