Monday, 11 May 2015

Secret Project

Hi healthy eaters!
So by the title of this post you might be wondering right now what this secret project actually is. Well, it’s  a Polish-German project created by people studying international journalism, here in Lodz and their co-partners from Germany and it's called 'TANDEM'. It must be said that Germans came to visit Poland first for a whole week and then polish students flew to Germany for the same amount of time. Both groups were asked to prepare a presentation based on whatever  they would like, nonetheless, it had to include the country they were in. So there was a really nice and kind girl from Germany, who decided to make a presentation about food and habits of eating of Poles. And basically, that is why we took part in it, because they’d found our blog and asked us to collaborate with them. Frankly, it was such an awesome experience! We had an opportunity to meet new people and share our ideas and standpoints. Obviously, we didn’t forget to make something really tasty and pretty quick, taking into account preparation time then.  Below, we can see what we’ve prepared!

Wholesome cooking! 

Carrot-zucchini pancakes with avocado-beetroot salad.

Classic chia seeds with coconut milk and cherry mousse. 

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