Saturday, 17 January 2015

Bazil & Spinach Pasta

Hi healthy eaters !
As far as winter is concerned and you're not one of those people who enjoys these chilly and snowy days, you may be inclined to absorb some warmth from the inside. So without further due, let's get down to making a delightful beauty for midday. As you may have already noticed, it's time for dinner to be prepared. If you're a pasta lover to the same extend as we are, you will certainly love our plate full of goods. A few noodles, a bit of green liquids and you're almost there. Don't hesitate, just go and check it out even right now. 

Wholesome cooking guys !

big cup fresh spinach baby
1/2 cup fresh bazil
2 tsp lime juice + lime peel
garlic clove
200g wholemeal pasta
1 tbsp extra vergine oil
2 tbsp grated cheese

Put pasta in well-sated and boiling water. Put bazil, spinach, lime juice and peel, chopped avocado and oil ic food processor and pulse until well combined. Season with pepper and salt. Mix cooked pasta and pesto in pot. Place pasta on plate and decorate with great pinch of grated cheese.

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