Friday, 30 January 2015

Healthy mixture

Hi healthy eaters !
We usually think of our morning meal  day before, since we're excited to eat it the following day. Often the hesitation appears whether to eat a warm bowl of goods or an equally nutritious mixture of everything. We always have some ideas for early treats and you have already known why. Mornings are the most important hours of our days, so they definitely must be 'consumed' properly. Loads of nuts and fruits - that's exactly what you need.  Below, we want to present you our proposition for breakfast with many wholesome ingredients you may enjoy. 

Wholesome cooking ! 

a ripe banana (or any other fruit)
120g of natural yoghurt
30g rolled oats
30g porridge oats
20g nuts (the ones you wish)
25g sunflowers
25g currants

Take a bowl and put a chopped banana into it. Pour it with yogurth and oats. Also recommended to add nuts and currants. 

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