Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Fish cutlets

Hi healthy eaters !
Shall we begin with another incredible story of ours ?  Well, my grandma always has been telling  me that dinner is the most important meal during the entire day. Since I remember, I’ve been following this rule and burdening myself with a task to make a  mealtime the best ever. Obviously, there were ups and downs, and there were times when simply I just didn’t feel like cooking anything unique. But it has changed quite a lot since those days and now I do celebrate every single meal. It must be added that I’m also not a meateater , so coupled with both my friend and partner of WG world, we decided to have fun with three main ingredients this time and make a few healthy cutlets. Presented below little rolls are made of fish, rice and dill leaves. It whets my appetite whenever I look at them and additionally, they’re really simple to prepare. Follow the instructions from below and enjoy the taste.

Wholesome cooking ! 


150g rice of your kind
200g fish 
1 egg
1 bunch of dill leaves
*salt and pepper additionally

Wash dill and leave it to dry. Cook rice and strain it. Wash fish and cook it in a salted water for 3-5 minutes. Then strained fish cut into pieces using a fork. Mix rice, dill leaves, chopped fish and an egg all together. Now you can form your pretty little cutlets. Don't forget to cover them with coating and fry. 

Simple, isn't it ? 

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