Saturday, 28 March 2015

Cocoa oatmeal

Hi healthy eaters!
We just love mornings, breakfasts and… oatmeals! It’s not only recommended to eat a warm meal in the morning, but it also does us the world of good. The level of preparation this kind of meals is not high, so even if you haven’t tried any oatmeal yet, this is the perfect time to let yourself go crazy now. Definitely you won’t regret it, deal? Actually, we’ve been thinking about this term ‘regret’ of late and we were considering it  in respect of its importance. What’s more, we rethought many situations as well  and drew some conclusions, which may do not surprise you at all. Basically what is the point of regrets? They don’t bring anything positive into your life, but even make you ‘regret’ not trying or doing some things. Obviously, we’re not saying this just in terms of food, but rather to make you think about your actions and let you choose, which path you want to move forward. Be aware of your steps and be proud of yourself! So now, don’t let yourself regret not trying this enormously delightful breakfast, because you don’t need much both time and ingredients to prepare it. Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as we do.

Wholesome cooking guys! 

cup of milk
4 tbsp rye flakes
1 tsp flaxseeds
1 tsp cocoa

Cook milk with rye flakes and flaxseeds. Add cacao and heat until ready. Pour the mixture on chopped banana. 

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