Friday, 5 June 2015

B-grouped Vitamins

Hi healthy eaters!
In today's post we are about to share some information about the B vitamins. As you are probably aware, there are many types of vitamin B, which differ from one another, nevertheless, they all have really importaant functions for your organism. We would like to focus on three of them for now, these are vitamins B1, B2 and B3. 

VITAMIN B1 (also known as THIAMIN)
*it helps the nervous system remain healthy,
*it helps other B-grouped vitamins break down and release energy from food,
*it's good for your heart.

Vitamin B1 can be found in most types of food, however, the best sources are:
*fresh/dried fruit,
*vegetables, such as peas,
*whole grains,

The amount of THIAMIN you need is dependent on whether you're a man or a woman, because it's 1mg and 0.8mg per day respectively. Unfortunately, it's not stored in our bodies, so obviously we need it in our everyday diet, which should be varied and balanced.

Nonetheless, if you don't have enough vitamin B1 in your organism, then it may lead to weakness, nerve damage, fatigue, confusion and difficulties in maintaining balance and also the loss of appetite may occur.

When cooking, it's essential to use fresh food, also remember to steam them rather than boil. And most importantly, do not overcook anything if you still want a bit of the intake of thiamin.

ADDITIONALLY, both alcohol and coffee destroy it in your body.

VITAMIN B2 (also known as RIBOFLAVIN)
*it keeps eyes, skin and nails healthy,
*it keeps the nervous system healthy,
*it's good for your eyesight,
*it also helps the body release energy from the eaten food.

The best sources of VITAMIN B2 are:
*green leafy veggies,

What's important to stress here is that UV light is able to damage VITAMIN B2, so you'd better keep such products out of the sunshine. Because of this fact, it's advisable to buy milk in carton rather than in bottle.

ALSO, alcohol may destroy the valuable riboflavin in your organism.

The proportions of RIBOFLAVIN are varied for men and women. It's been accounted that a woman needs 1.1mg per day and a man 1.3mg per day as well. 
Additionally, it cannot be stored in the body, so you should provide your organism with it every day.

What is more, there are a few signs of deficiency of VITAMIN B2 as well, such as itchy irritated eyes, itchy nose, mouth or throat, also cracked corners of lips.

VITAMIN B3 (also known as NIACIN)
*it helps your body absorb protein and carbohydrate,
*it keeps skin healthy,
*it's good for nerve problems.

It can be found in:
*wheat flour.

DAILY ABSORBTION: women need 13mg of niacin, while men need 17mg. 

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