Friday, 10 July 2015

Strawberry nana ice cream

Hi healthy eaters!
Have you ever wondered how many pros we can gain from food ? We know, we know that we've been talking about it since the unknown number of months, but we would love to stress that is so true. In order to maintain the adequate levels of certain nutrients, we have to feed ourselves in a healthy way. And it does not matter whether it's summer or winter, or something in between, because we should take care of our body exactly the same in every season of a year. Actually when it comes to summer, you're more prone to having worse eating habits, just because there are many cold products, which can cool the temperature of your body and make you feel heaps better, especially when it's hot outside. We grab freezing bottle of water or some chemically sweeten juice or simply ice creams. But remember, nothing is better than homemade meal. So if you want to lower the heat of your body during these hot days, you should definitely try our NANA ICE CREAM, which are the healthiest ice creams we have ever found out. You don't need much to fully enjoy its taste, all you need is just a few friut and patience. So you'd better move, check this simple recipe and relish this moment when you finally eat it.

Wholesome cooking! 

3 bananas
10 strawberries
seasonal fruits to garnish: blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, red currant, mint

Peel bananas and cut into smaller pieces. Wash strawberries, remove sepals and put in a bag and freeze. After at least one night in a freezer blend together. Garnish with fruits.

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