Thursday, 16 July 2015

Street Food Festival #2

Hi healthy eaters! 
This past weekend we had a lot of fun joining the crew of Łódź Street Food Festival and helping them with the event. If you don't know what that is, it's a huge event in our hometown, where food exhibitors gather in one place and encourage the participants to come over and buy their products. Obviously, almost every single spot had something variant, which made the SFF so awesome, because you could try and taste lots of products of different kinds. From traditional burgers, dumplings, cheese, Belgian fries, cakes and cookies to eco products, hummus, falafel, natural juices and vegan burgers as well. Moreover, it was incredible to be able to see how it works and looks like from the other side as an arranger. We met so many amazing personalities and shared tons of thoughts on many aspects of not only food stuff, but also life in general. Each of the food exhibitors was different and has so much to say  and talk about. Additionally, we felt like we've been friends with the main arrangers since the unknown time, while we'd met them two days before the actual event. 

We spent there 10 hours in general, which may seem a lot on one hand, however, on the other hand it was not enough to get to know each food exhibitor better. What is more, if you're surrounded with people, who share the same passion as you do, then there's never too much time you can spend together. That's how passion gets human beings closer to one another! 

We would love to share some beautiful moments of that time with you guys, so here are some of the photos we took. Nevertheless, remember to KEEP CALM AND COOK! 

Wholesome cooking! 

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