Monday, 27 July 2015

Sardine sandwiches with pesto and sun-dried tomatoes.

Hi healthy eaters!
We've come up with an idea of late that it would be great and probably more, let's say, comfortable and convenient for the polish viewers of ours, to read recipes also in our mother tongue. Because of the fact that we both are polish and most our readers are people living in Poland, so we decided to make it easier for them as well and write in two languages, so that it can be more regional, however, still international. What is more, we would really appreciate if you guys could tell us whether you find it useful or it does not bother you that much - it's mostly directed to polish viewers. Obviously, it will take much more time than usually to prepare posts for you, but it's just a matter of a few words written in a different language, so it's not a big deal, though. Nevertheless, we would love to know your opinion, before we take such actions. So please guys, leave a comment saying whether you need it or not. 
Moreover, we got something new for you today, something tasty and quick in terms of preparation, to be frank. So without further due, get familiar with the brand new recipe for sardine sandwiches with pesto and sun-dried tomatoes and try it! It's a piece of cake, but can make your palate goooood! 

Wholesome cooking! 

1 ciabatta
5 sun-dried tomatoes
2 cans sardines
1 jar Jamie Oliver's pesto

Spread butter over bread slice, sprinkle with salt and pepper and place in oven for about 5 minutes in 180C. Remove bread, spread pesto, add chopped sun-dried tomatoes and sardines. Garnish with basil. Bon apetit!

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