Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Summer Lemonade

Hi healthy eaters! 
We bet you know how important is the idea to stay hydrated, especially during hot and sultrily days. Here in Poland we had a week of high - temperatured days and even nights, when we could barely feel the fresh air we were breathing in. We both bought tickets for Open'er Festival, which took place in Gdynia last week (July 1-4) and it was just incredibly amazing. Those people, those emotions, those tears of excitement, all combined together gave us this feeling that that's the way how to create our own story and memories. It was just flawless to be able to dance with others to the songs we enjoy and scream out loud every single line of lyrics and get free in every possible way. Nonetheless, we all should remember to keep our diet properly and feed ourselves with all important and valuable nutrients and minerals. Also don't forget to drink water in great amounts, because you should keep your body hydrated especially while being super active. That is why we have something to drink this time to show you, a great way to make your drink even better. It's obvious that not every single human being likes to drink water, so why not make water even more attractive! Lemonade is such an awesome way to hydrate your organism and body and gain a few vitamins and minerals more as well. Check out the recipe for our Summer Lemonade and enjoy its flavor. 

Wholesome cooking! 

1/2 lemon and 1/2 lime
2 cm ginger piece
6 gooseberries
1/2 kiwi
1 tbsp brown sugar
few basil and mint leaves
lavender leaves

Pour brown sugar into mortar, together with sliced lime, lemon, basil and mint leaves and start to pulp. Pour the mixture into a pot, add grated ginger, sliced kiwi, crunched gooseberries and lavender leaves. Lemonade is the best when chilled, so you can also add ice cubes.

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