Thursday, 12 February 2015

Dutch baby

Hi healthy eaters!
As you may know it from our post about the Leibster Award, we do derive great inspiration from people surrounding us as well as from those we do not know personally. And that's what happened lately while searching for some amazing and healthy recipes to try on our own. We decided to make a dutch baby presented below, which is inspired by the wonderful naturallyella. She makes incredible meals -  just in case you don't know her yet, go and check her blog out! Anyway, most people reckon that pancakes are a great option in terms of dinner, however, we firmly believe that actually those humans are not aware of the fact that yummy cuties are multi-purpose. Such pancakes can be served for breakfast as well and may bright your morning up straightaway. To be frank, we could eat them from the daybreak through the night. And the best part of it is that you can add anything to the mass. Nonetheless, the Dutch Baby is not a typical pancake you are familiar with, it’s one and only. Have a look at the recipe and go to kitchen!

Wholesome cooking guys!

Serves 3-4



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