Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Grapefruit spinach smoothie

Hi healthy eaters!
Most of us are in a hurry on daily basis and sometimes it’s pretty easy to go and buy some junk food. But we say NO to the junk food, NO! Come on guys, we know there are days we think ‘it’s not a big deal, just once in a while’. Well, we couldn’t agree more because it’s not such a huge deal as long as it’s not your habit. However, remember to treat your body and mind the way you wish to be treated. And that is why, we should always think about our meals even a day before because that’s the only way you can plan and make it as it should be made. And to be completely honest with you guys, you can mix any ingredients you like as far as smoothies are concerned because these drinks are our favourites today, so we’re gonna talk about them a little bit. Basically, we wanted to be more creative and use our imagination in order to invent our own flavor we both would enjoy. We spent a few hours thinking about the best combination of products we could use. And here we have – beautiful, tasty, healthy and.. oh just go and make one for yourself!

Wholesome cooking! 

Only few ingredients. Smoothie is so delicious and healthy that you should try it! As fast as you can!

2 cups fresh spinach
1 peeled and frozen banana
1 grapefruit
1 orange
1/2 apple

Put spinach, bananas and chopped apple in a blender. Add juice from one orange, if you have any pulp left, add it too. Peel your grapefruit and put flesh in a blender. If on grapefruit peel is still some flesh, squeeze it and add to other ingredients.
Blend everything, you can serve with bee polen.

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