Saturday, 21 February 2015

Vegetable omelette.

Hi healthy eaters!
There are days you just want to prepare something really quickly, because you're soooo hungry and tired that you have no strengths to do anything. Nonetheless, you may be not that kind of person who enjoys everything and finds anything tasty. That is why, we've been thinking about it for awhile and finally we came up with an idea of a super fast and a little bit different recipe with eggs and veggies. Well, cheers to the one and only vegetable omelette of ours. It differs from those well-known omelettes, just because of the preparation. It's delicate and soft in itself and we bet you'll try it without a shadow of doubt. Check the recipe, add any ingredients you like (it's really individual in terms of veggies, all up to you!) and simply enjoy the smooth structure and amazing flavour. It's your turn to make the meal!

Wholesome cooking!

1/2 cup cucumber
1/2 cup green, red or yellow pepper
1/4 cup bran
1/2 cup radish sprouts
2 eggs
*but you can add any ingredients you like

Chop veggies and blend them for around 10 seconds. Beat the whites. If done, add yolks and mix all together. Place blended veggies into a bowl with the mixture and mix anew, Now you can pour it on the heated frying pan. That's all! 

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